Since 2013 we have focused on the breeding and commercial export (Europe, United States and more) of fertile parrot fertile eggs and baby parrots. We also offer a variety of bird accessories such incubators, cages and toys.

Our mission is to spread true 100% fertile eggs of your favorite exotic birds, give you the tools to carry out the hatch like a pro OR provide a new addition to the family at very affordable prices.

When you decide to have a parrot as a pet, you have to really love it and know which species to choose and what you can offer it, because they are birds that demand affectionate treatment. And you also have to be aware of the inconvenience before you buy it, so you won’t regret it later, because it’s very sad to see birds that have been abandoned by their owners in city parks.


You’re in good company

“International Trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora is sustainable by CITES for specie survival”

It is amazing to have reliable breeders for exotic birds that put in so much work to make sure the customer gets the right information on how to hatch and grow their chicks. Thank you all for this experience !

Always been a lover for the macaws. Pokie and Jasper were a great part of my childhood so it was right for me to get at least one bird now so my kid can experience this too and have loving memories. 

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