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Red Factor African Grey

Red Factor African Grey For Sale

Red Factor African Grey For Sale now. Hand raised Red Factor African Greys. Experience hatching with 100% fertile parrot eggs…Free incubator…

Blue and Gold Macaw For Sale

Blue and Gold Macaw For Sale Blue and Gold macaws for sale; Hand reared babies. All parents are very healthy. They are 14 weeks old and weaning onto seeds and fruits. Viewing welcome on appointment. Big bird, grand voice and bold attitude. Colorful and often raucous, they call attention to themselves even when quite. Blue […]

Full guide to buying parrots in the united states

Buying parrots in the united states is not illegal but there are restrictions from one state to another. This won’t concern parrots as a whole, but certain species may be illegal or banned. For example, the Quaker parrot is banned in California as an invasive species. Buying Parrots in The United States All birds and […]

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